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so in the amasters crew we had an activity for august and it was to make a member something special based off their bias/otp. at first, i was really worried about this activity and i didn’t know if my person would like what i made, so instead of just making one thing i decided i would make a little series of edits dedicated to them! 

i hope you like these, i know they’re not the best but i put my heart into them. 

for sha (aka kvungies) <3 ilu and i hope you like these!!

part 1

oMFG all these are so perfect del can i just love u

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월광 Moonlight lyrics [Luhan ver]

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우유 남자

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Sehun and Suho on vacation

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Do you want to leave tonight? 
Just like this, you and me run.

Because I thought the bags made it look like they were running away

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I forgot to watermark this so read this

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suho ft. fedora

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blue myeon for senpai! suhotness

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stairway to heaven
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